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OAuth Issue: Error Detected in oauthutil.cfc

Name: Error Detected in oauthutil.cfc
ID: 1
Project: OAuth
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Graham Pearson
Created: 03/12/09 9:05 AM
Updated: 03/13/09 12:18 PM
Description: Just starting trying to use project and in the examples I get the value of "+" cannot be converted to number. It happens on line 96 of oauthutil.cfc. Will try to further debug issue.
History: Created by gspearson@gmail.com (Graham Pearson) : 03/12/09 9:05 AM

Comment by hklein (Harry Klein) : 03/13/09 12:18 PM
This bug (which occured only with JVM 1.4) was fixed in release 0.9.2

Updated by hklein (Harry Klein) : 03/13/09 12:18 PM

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